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Home Learning WC 22.6.20

English Project (2 weeks continued from last week)

Remember our 'double page spreads' about the leaf insects? You all did such a fantastic job researching, planning, writing and illustrating to produce some amazing work! 


For the next 2 weeks I would like you to do the same but based on any topic you want. It might be a sport you're into, a game you like to play, an inspirational person, something you've learnt about in History/Geography, an animal - anything you like!


Over the 2 weeks you will need to:

  • Research the topic
  • Plan your writing using the IPEELL plan (or a spider diagram if you prefer!)
  • Plan the layout of your double page spread (like we did in class, mapping out where the writing and illustrations would go
  • Write and illustrate your double page spread (stick 2 A4 pages together if needed)
  • Mark using the IPEELL mark sheet


The resources you will need are below. Here are some examples to remind of what they can look like:


Parents - is there something you're really proud of your child for in reading since they have been learning from home? Have they continued their reading challenge during lockdown? Have they persevered and finished a longer book? Have the read before bed every day?


Although there is no official school reading challenge at the moment, I'd like to celebrate reading and those who have kept it up while it home.

Whatever it might be, send me an email ( to let me know why you are proud so I can send a certificate!

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Another focus on conjunctions this week as I'd like you to try and use a range of conjunctions in your 'double page spread' writing.


This week's Maths is a consolidation of what we were learning last week about decimals. For Year 3s this centres around money and for Year 4s it is decimals without money. There are separate videos and activities for Year 3 and 4 this week so please only do what is suitable. If Year 4s found last week tricky, please access the Year 3 content for now.


Year 3

Year 3 - Convert pounds and pence

Year 3 - Add money

Year 3 - Subtract money

Year 4

Year 4 - Write decimals

Year 4 - Compare decimals

Year 4 - Order decimals

This week will be a Y2-6 Boys vs Girls on TTRockstars. From 9.15 Monday morning to 9.15 Friday morning - Winners announced on Friday dinner time! Every point counts, good luck!

History Project

I'd like you to do some research on the life of Rosa Parks. Now, more than ever, her story is so important to share with others.

See video:

Watch with a family member or alone and talk to them/think about it. During different parts of the clip, think about:

  • How do the white people feel?
  • How do the black people feel?
  • How does it make YOU feel?
  • How does it make your sibling or adult feel?

Think about a way in which you could share her message. Could you write a poem, retell the story, create a picture book on PurpleMash, tell the story in a video, write a newspaper report, make a quiz for the class, act out the story or even create a puppet show?


To create on PurpleMash log in and go to Tools > 2Create a story > My story

30 Days Wild

The Wildlife Trusts have created a document with 101 Random Acts of Wildness to pick and choose from. Your challenge is to pick one every day throughout June and record it in any way you would like. It could be a scrap book, photo collage, powerpoint presentation, nature diary or even a video diary (I've heard '1 second everyday' is a great app for video diaries). 


Please head to to the 'Families and Individuals' section and download '101 Random Acts of Wildness' to get started. 


There are more ideas on the '30 days wild - school cards' document which are the ones we would normally do in school. They can be downloaded here -