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Home Learning WC 8.6.20

Writing Challenge

This writing challenge is intended to last 2 weeks

Taking Flight

Week 1:

Watch the clip above and choose from the following activities:

  • Describe how the boys feelings change throughout the clip and why.
  • Draw the setting and add descriptive labels

Week 2:

Complete 1 longer piece of writing this week. Here are some ideas you might want to choose from:

  • Describe one of the adventures in detail.  Start with the line, "I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when... "
  • In the film we do not see the alien, in your narrative Tony could meet one of them.  Describe the alien, create the dialogue that is had between the alien, Tony and Grandpa. 
  • Continue the narrative and add in your own adventure. 


Remember to email me your writing when you have finished!

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Activities

Page 1 - example

Page 2 - have a go at your own using the sentence provided (No printer? Just write the sentence on paper instead)

Page 3 - make up your own sentence to improve

Choose some activities from 'Without Gravity'. 

No printer? Read the text on screen and write your responses separately. 

Maths Activities 


TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS - log in and get playing. We have a battle set against Year 5. 


In class, the children are used to doing the White Rose activity sheets. The linked videos will support them in completing these activities. The children may not be able to complete both sheets in each activity - just get as far as they can. 

Perimeter of rectangles

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes (Year 4)

Area - counting squares

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Challenge


Learn how to use forced perspective to make something look really big or really small.


Wikipedia says forced-perspective is –

A technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is!

Basically, forced perspective is all about playing around with angles.


Here are some examples:

Geography Project


Watch the clip below then do some research about the structure of Earth. Present what you have found out in any way you like - a drawing with some writing, Purple Mash, or get creative!