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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


At Harthill Primary School we make MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) an enjoyable learning experience for our pupils. Spanish is the language currently being learnt by the KS2 classes.
In EYFS and KS1, children have access to the Spanish language through occasional role play, rhymes and songs. Spanish is presented throughout the school on displays, food-serving areas and spoken as greetings by some staff members... especially Mrs. Winkler!


Spanish is taught through a weekly 45-minute lesson per KS2 class. It is either delivered by the class teacher, or Mrs. Thompson (languages co-ordinator). Mrs Winkler also supports language learning. Opportunities for speaking and listening will develop an awareness of other languages and the use of authentic materials will provide an introduction to different cultures. In addition to the Spanish session,  much language learning can be taught informally and incidentally through using the language for real purposes e.g. taking the register, classroom commands, numeracy mental warm-ups, celebrating achievements and birthdays. 


A range of resources are used to teach Spanish, including books, puppets, flashcards, Interactive Whiteboard resources and games. In addition to this, computing is often used as both a teaching and learning tool for languages, where for example, children can create their own interactive language quiz to be played by others. Check out the Purple Mash display board!


¡Esperamos que te guste nuestra escuela tanto como nosotros!