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Harthill Primary School

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All classes teach Maths daily in sessions of 45 and 60 minutes according to age. The Maths session generally includes a brief (5-10 minute) oral/mental starter, main teaching input followed by children working in groups on differentiated activities, and a plenary session to reinforce the learning which has taken place during the lesson.
The content of the Maths teaching is based on the belief that children need to develop secure and confident mental mathematical abilities before they progress to more formal written calculations.
It is vitally important that children must be able to use their mathematical skills in real-life situations - the ability to do correctly a page of sums is, on its own, of little use. Our children therefore have considerable experience of problem solving activities and mathematical investigations. They are encouraged to use calculators efficiently and appropriately, as do most adults in real life.
We have various parents' information leaflets about the teaching of Maths as well as hosting Maths workshops in the Autumn term, and we are always very happy to provide more information and to answer parents' questions. We have worked with other local schools to develop our calculations policies to explain the strategies used in teaching calculations in school.. We hope you find these useful when supporting your child at home.


Having a consistent approach to calculation strategies throughout school is vital to ensure progression. We have a separate policy for the progression through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These include the vocabulary that the children will be taught to use at each level and the strategies which they will become confident with.

If you would like any further information about these your child's class teacher or Maths Leader; Mrs Crapper who will be more than happy to discuss them with you.