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Messages from the Y3/4 team


Hi Year 3/4


Like many of you have, I had my birthday in lockdown last week. I loved being in our hub school, seeing some of the other teachers and the children. Thank you to everyone for sending me birthday messages - I had a lovely day!


I'm really enjoying speaking to some of you and your parents over the phone and getting emails to catch up on what you've all been up to. I'm missing you all so much and it's great to hear all of the amazing things you're learning at home. 


Remember - this is tough on everyone, including your Mums and Dads. Be kind, patient and try your hardest. I can't wait to see you all when we're back at school.


Lots of love,

Mrs Bothma



Hi Year 3/4!


Hope you are all well and staying safe.  I am missing you all so much.  I am loving seeing all the learning that you are sending through to the class email.  Please keep sending these.


Are you all keeping busy?  I know I am.  It will be no surprise for you to hear that there has been lots of making, baking and cooking going on in my house.  We are also making the most of our daily exercise and going on nice walks.  


Something to make you all giggle - you know how unhappy I was when we got chickens, well, we are currently incubating duck eggs.  I must be crazy!  Well, you all know that anyway.


Stay safe, be good at home and I look forward to seeing you all when were are back at school.


Mrs Pridmore