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Today we would like you to read the story 'The Messy Magpie' with your grown-up. 

See the story on the PowerPoint below.

Watch the video below which introduces the activity.

Monday 11th Jan - Y1 English lesson introduced...

Remember to learn your new spellings. See the list on the  'weekly overview  document'. 


Today we would like you to watch the powerpoint below.

Pause on the different pages and answer the questions with your grown up- they will need to read it to you.


Counting on from any number (White Rose Maths)

For today's activity you will need a dice and your 1-20 cards we sent home.


1. Shuffle your 1-20 cards, choose a card then roll the dice. Count on from the number on the card eg. 12 + 6 = 18 and write in your books. Please complete 10 of these.  


2. If you'd like an extra challenge; take 2 cards from the pack and add these together first before counting on from the number you roll e.g 2 + 19 = 21  and  21 + 5 = 26 


Game to finish- Order the cards quickly from 1 to 20 and ask your grown up to take 1 or more card away (close your eyes and no peeping) guess the card or cards that are missing!