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Today, you will finish writing your Newspaper Report. Well done to everyone who has taken on Friday's feedback and elaborated further within their paragraphs. Keep Friday's lesson in mind when writing point three today. For your ending, watch the lesson below in which Mrs Naylor will talk you through an example ending paragraph. 

Monday's writing lesson

A quick one from Mrs Naylor about writing an ending. She will take you through an example ending and look at key phrases that could be magpied.


This week in our reading lessons we will be thinking about inference.  Watch the video clip below and then answer the questions, remembering to give evidence to back up your answers, (apologies for the whirring sound at various points in the video, my laptop was cooling down!)


Inference lesson 1

Mrs Booth explains how to infer answers by using clues.

We would also like you to be continuing to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  By the end of the week you will need to have read the next four chapters -  9 to 12.  As you are reading please make note of any pages where we learn about Professor Lockheart, you will need this information for a future lesson.

Monday Maths Lesson Division

Mrs Booth recaps the written method for division.


Don't forget to ask someone to test you on last week's spellings.  Please send in your scores, we had two children last week who gained a spelling certificate for achieving full marks three weeks in a row.


New spellings will be available from tomorrow.