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Maths - Arithmetic: Answer as many questions as you can within 30 minutes. Afterwards, mark your answers and then choose two questions that you did not get right to work on. You could use BBC Bitesize to revise before you work on your two gaps.

Reading Comprehension - All about elephants: Answer the background knowledge questions below before you read the text on pages 13 and 14. If you are able to, discuss these questions and your answers for them with an adult or someone from class just as we would if we were in school.

Reading Comprehension - All about elephants: Now read the text on pages 13 and 14. Read the text twice. On your second read of the text, highlight (or write down) vocabulary and phrases that you want to explore tomorrow in order for you to make sense of the text.

Writing: Editing your writing

Read through the chapters that you wrote on Thursday and Friday (chapters 57 and 58 for Abomination). As you read through, edit your writing. Make sure that you focus on improving your writing by checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Also, check that the vocabulary that you have chosen to include captures the essence of the characters.  As a minimum, go through the checklist below when editing:

  • Spelling - Have you ensured that, if used, zero tolerance words, Bedrock Vocabulary and homophones are spelled correctly?
  • Punctuation - Have you got the basics right - capital letters for proper nouns etc.? Have you also ensured that you have included UKS2 (Y5 and Y6) examples of punctuation. E.g., parenthesis?
  • Grammar - Is the verb tense maintained throughout? E.g., Is it all written in past tense?
  • Vocabulary - Is it something that Scott would say? Martha would say? Do both of the chapters demonstrate that they have been written by someone in Y6 who understands the characters of Martha and Scott?

SPaG - Spelling Test: I will email a voice recording of the spelling test which tests you on the spellings (homophones) that were on last week's remote learning page. New spellings for the week are below.