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To start today, please practise handwriting the next letters in cursive - o and p. Watch Mrs. Thompson's video below:

Y1 Handwriting o and p

Mrs R reads' I want my hat back' by Jon Klassen

Watch the video where Mrs R reads the story to you. All week we are going to be thinking about this story and using it to help us with our learning.


To begin today’s learning we would like you to think about WHY the story might be called ‘I want my hat back’? Have a talk with your grown up about your ideas referring to the story.


Throughout the story things the bear says are repeated over and over. What does he say?


Then talk with your grown up about the plot of the story; what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end?


Have a look at the activity sheet and print if you wish OR just write the answers to the first 2 questions in your exercise books, then ask your grown up to draw you 3 big boxes and draw/ write something that happens in the beginning, the middle and at the end.

Our English activity for today


You will need your number line from your resource pack or your number cards to 20 (place them out in a line from 1-20 to use) all week. 


Watch the video and then look at the powerpoint slides with your child and talk about ‘counting back’- use their number line to have a go at a couple without recording in their exercise book. E.g 11 -4 = emphasise putting finger on 11 then counting back 4 so say ‘ starting at 11, count back 1 to 10,9,8,7 that’s 4 jumps so we have taken away 4 and the answer is 7.’


Then have a go at the questions either on the sheet if you wish to print it ot by writing the answers in your book.

Monday Maths with Mrs R

Maths powerpoint slides

Maths activity