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Multiply 3 numbers

This video will show you how to multiply 3 numbers together. Watch all of the vdeo then complete the questions (I have amended the questions so they will not match what the video says. This is why you need to watch all the video first).



Using the spellings that you practiced last week, fill in the missing gaps


Activity 1:

Using this picture can you write down some adjectives.  An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

For example:

Bright, strong, long


Thinking about the nouns in the picture – the tiger, the grass, the girl - what adjectives would you use to describe the noun?


How many adjectives can you come up with?

Write these down in your book.


Activity 2:

Using the adjectives, you have written down for Activity 1 write at least 4 sentences about what is happening in the picture.

For example:

The injured tiger is walking on the green grass.