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We're almost there! Today's letters are w and x. You are all doing so well. Please try to practise cursive in your exercise books too and remember to attempt the cursive style in other subjects. 

Y1 Handwriting - w and x


We are going to be looking at how to write instructions over this week. Talk with your grown up about what are instructions for? Why do we need them?


Today we would like you to make something out of LEGO/ playdough/ draw something/ brush teeth- take pictures and make a list of the verbs/ action words. (Don’t make a sandwich as this is what we will be doing this week!)


EG. Pick up toothbrush;  squeeze/ brush/ rinse/ gargle/ spit


Or take a look at the photos below of Mrs R pouring a glass of milk and make a list of the verbs/ action words you can see.


Info for parents;

Explain that instructions always sound bossy because they use bossy words. (Remind them though that even when we use bossy words, we don’t have to use a bossy voice!)


Tell the children that these ‘bossy’ words are called ‘verbs’ or ‘action words’. Look at wordmats to see they can be used in exercise, cooking etc.


Give the chn some instructions and stress the verb/ action word. E.g. Put hands on heads.  Rub hands together. Pat your stomach.  Stand up on the spot.  Turn around.  Walk to the kitchen.


Can they spot the verbs? (We've underlined them for you above)

Mrs R fancies a drink of milk

Wordmats to help learn about (imperative) verbs


Today you will need your 100 square (it is in your learning log as well as your resource pack).


Start by playing ‘Fastest finger first’; your grown up says a number and you put your finger as fast as you can on the number. Use any of the numbers from 1 – 100.


Look together at the powerpoint slides and talk with your grown up about the questions. You don’t need to answer these questions.


Then have a go at the Maths activity for today; you don’t need to print the sheet, write the answers to the questions in your book. Then if you fancy a thinking question or 2 move onto Monday’s challenge! Everyday this week there will be an extra challenge. 

Powerpoint slides to talk about with your grown up

Today's activity

Today's challenge