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To start today, please practise the 'straight line letters'. Have a go on your wipe-boards and on the lines in your exercise books.

Y1 Handwriting - straight line letters


Listen to Michael Rosen read his poem ‘Hands on the bridge- the rhythm of life’; What do you think of the poem? Was there anything in particular that you liked about the poem or the performance?

Hand On The Bridge

This is poet Michael Rosen performing his own poem.

Info for parents;

Play Michael Rosen’s poem again, encourage the children to move or beat to the repeated

rhythm, listening out for words he emphasises or joining in with the actions and words, particularly the rhyming pairs. Discuss the effect of the rhythm, the pauses and the effect Rosen creates when he moves to a crescendo and then stops. Do they notice these changes? 


Activity for today;

Using the words of the poem; read it aloud with your grown taking in turns or performing it however you wish.


Now think about if we were going to write our poem about the rhythm of our lives; go outside/ stand in the house in different rooms and listen.


Make a list of what you can hear e.g birds singing/ cars beeping, washing machine humming

Use the activity sheet if you wish or write into your exercise book.

Copy of 'Hands on the bridge'

Monday activity


Watch the song on the video below; you will remember seeing it before, this week we are going to look at numbers to order and sequence them by using the symbols for more than > , less than < and equal to = .

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)


Grab some objects and use the symbols < > = to separate the objects into 2 groups. Watch Mrs R’s video to help remind you.

Mrs R talks greater than, less than and equals to

Have a look at the slides with your grown up and then choose whether you want to complete activity 1 or 2. Print if you have one or write the answers in your exercise book. Get your adult to check.

Powerpoint slides to share

Today's activities (choose 1 to have a go at with your grown up)