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Today in maths, we are starting to look at equivalent fractions.  We are going to make a fractionwall today that will help us with our learning this week.  If you don't have any paper to make your fraction wall, you could draw one on squared paper.

Remember, equivalent means the same as or equal to.

Watch my video and then make your own fraction wall - you do not need to use coloured paper.

Maths - Monday 8th February 2021

Equivalent fractions - fraction wall


This week, we are going to be writing a non-chronological report linked to the Big School Bird Watch.  As always when we start a new piece of writing in English, we are going to deconstruct a text and identify the features.  Non-chronological means not in date order.

Watch my video and then deconstruct the penguin text - remember you can magpie effective vocabulary and sentence openers that you may want to use in your writing.


English - Monday 8th February 2021

Deconstructing a non-chronological report


Normally, on a Monday we complete our spelling test.  I have decided to delay this until tomorrow as I would like us to focus on another activity today.

I would like you to research a bird that you would like to write about in your English this week.  In your best cursive handwriting, make notes about your chosen bird in your book.  This information will then be used tomorrow to plan your non-chronological report.  Remember, you are only making notes, you are not writing in full sentences.  Ask you adult to send me through your notes so that I can make sure you are prepared for your English writing this week.  I will be writing about a robin.  Here are some other birds you may want to research:

  • Black birds
  • Blue tits
  • Sparrows
  • Wood pigeons
  • Carrion crows