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Get your wipe-board, pen and rubber at the ready to start writing words in unjoined, cursive! Watch the following video carefully:

1 YOU YOUR THEY Handwriting.mp4

Still image for this video


Begin by talking about pets with your child. Do they have any? Are there pets that they would like to have if only parents would allow it? What reasons do parents give them for why they aren’t allowed to have certain pets?


Ask children what they think would happen if they asked to have a spider for a pet - would their family like it?


What sorts of thing do people say about spiders? Watch Mrs R’s video and then on your wipeboard jot these down in a list, starting with:

Spiders are…..


Then draw a picture of a spider in your exercise book and use the words you have written on the wipeboard to help you write sentences. See Mrs R’s photo to help you with your writing. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We expect you to write at least 5 sentences.

What do we think about spiders?

Using our notes to write sentences


Have a look at the powerpoint with your grown up and talk about the challenges on the slides.


Take photos of the longer and shorter objects you have found completing the challenges on the powerpoint slides.


Then have a go at today’s challenge. Print if you can but if not- record in your exercise book.

Today's Maths activity and challenge