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Ask your child to close their eyes whilst you play soundtrack. Whilst they are listening, lead them on a journey. Imagine you are on a beach and walking with your shoes off.


Use the key questions:

• What can you see?

• Where is it?

• What colour is it?

• What does it look like?

• What is making that sound?

• Imagine looking into the distance can you see anything?

• How is it moving?

• What is beneath your feet?

• How does it feel?

• It is hot, warm or cool?

• Do you feel anything on your skin?

• Can you taste anything?

• Can you pick something up?

• What is it?

• What does it feel like?


Go on Purple Mash and complete the Seaside Senses 'To Do'. Write a sentence about each other senses including a conjunction to make your sentences longer. 


Recognise 2D & 3D shapes

You have been allocated -ing and -ed games on your Active Learn account. Choose one to play to practice the rules for adding -ing and -ed.