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Something Fishy

Watch the video of 'Something Fishy' then ask an adult to read the questions below to you. You don't need to write any answers - just talk about them with an adult. 


Then write an answer to the question:

Do you think she should have gone into the machine? Why?


Monday maths - equal groups


In Year 2 Phonics looks a little different to Year 1. Year 2 is all about spelling rules and learning how to add different suffixes on to the end of words (e.g. -ed, -ing).


This week is all about the -ed suffix.

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

The Vowels and Consonants Song

There are 2 new words for us to learn today - VOWELS and CONSONANTS.


Use the video to learn what they mean. Then, draw yourself a table like the picture below and write each of the letters in the right place. This is going to be very useful for Phonics later in the week!