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Maths - Arithmetic: Answer as many questions as you can within 30 minutes. Afterwards, mark your answers and then choose two questions that you did not get right to work on. You could use BBC Bitesize to revise before you work on your two gaps.

Reading Comprehension - Plastic Pollution: Read the text on pages 6, 7 and 8 and highlight (or write down) vocabulary and phrases that you want to explore tomorrow.

Writing - Tudor Crime and Punishment - Non-Chronological Report: This week we will write a non-chronological report on Tudor Crime and Punishment. It will need to have five paragraphs. Use the website links below to research Tudor crimes and punishments. Choose at least three punishments to write about and make sure that you have a sub-heading for each of your five paragraphs. Write down your notes under each sub-heading in the planning grid

SPaG - I have emailed a voice recording of the spelling test which tests you on the spellings (homophones) that were on the Home Learning Overview last week.