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Read chapter 5 and answer the following questions about the extract pictured below. This is pages 62-63 in the older copy of the book. 


1. What mood do you think J.K Rowling is developing when she writes 'Or maybe,' said a cold voice right behind them, 'he's waiting to hear why you two didn't arrive on the school train.'


2. Give three pieces of information about Snape's appearance from P62. 


3. How does J.K Rowling create a dark atmosphere when describing Snape's office? Give examples from the text. 


4. 'Harry felt as though he'd just been walloped in the stomach by one of the mad tree's larger branches.' What does this mean? 


5. Ron could be described as a fiery character. Copy a phrase from the text that supports this. 


6. 'Her glasses glowing ominously' What does ominously mean? 


7. Write a summary of these two pages in 20 words or less. 

Monday 11th January - Y5 Writing lesson

Mrs Naylor will guide you through annotating an example of a journalistic recount with some of the key features. Please watch the clip first, then carry out the task that she sets at the end using the 'Newspaper example' document below.


Please can you ask someone at home to test you on your spellings from last week.  Take a picture showing how well you have done and send it to our class email along with the number of spellings you got correct. Remember if you get all your spellings right three weeks in a row you will receive a certificate from Mrs Littlewood.


Your new spellings will be available from tomorrow.

Monday 11th January - Y5 Maths Lesson

Mrs Booth explains how to use a written method for division.

Please watch the video above and then use the same method to complete the questions on the maths document below.