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Mrs Lidster FS2

Welcome to FS2


Who's who?

                                             Summer Term


Our focus texts this term are  'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes and 'Peace at last' by Jill Murphy.  







We have been having lots of fun in our outdoor area building our bug hotel. The children have been adding to this daily making ladders, lifts, floors, etc. 



In class we had a special visitor which we discovered was a wasp beetle! This was a new minibeast that we had not seen before, from our photographs and research of its habitat we created a selection of homes thinking about what conditions the insects would need to survive. 









Spring Term


Welcome back to another jam-packed half term in FS2! Mrs Lidster, Mrs Barker, Mrs Mann and I have an exciting term planned with lots of new learning and will be sharing photographs with you below. 



This half term our focus book is Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek, which we will be reading as a class and using as a basis for some of our learning. You may also like to read the following books which form part of this half term’s ‘must reads’:  What the ladybird heard (Julia Donaldson), Flotsam (David Weisner), Farmer Duck (Martin Waddell)



Ways you can help at home


Reading - 

The children made fantastic progress in reading last term.  This term Mrs Lidster and I will continue to swap their Bug Club phonics book when we read with them each week. Please also make use of the online Bug Club books as there are more titles available online than we have physical books available. We will also swap their additional colour banded book up to 3 times a week when you have shared it together. Unlike the Bug Club books these are not completely phonetically decodable so may require some input from you. If you would like to borrow any books from our class book shelf please feel free to come and choose some any day after school. You will notice that in school we will only write in the Home-School diary once a week; however the children will have class and group reading and Phonics sessions daily which will not be recorded.


Writing - Encourage the children to practise their writing wherever possible, through writing shopping lists, birthday cards, invitations, recipes or following any of your child's interests. Feel free to share this with us in school as it can be included in their learning journey folder.

Maths - Maths is everywhere in the home and comes in lots of forms. Why not let your child help with cooking, looking at the numbers in recipes and on scales and counting out potatoes or vegetables? When setting the table, let your child count out the correct number of knives and forks or find out whether there are enough in the drawer. Bring Maths into play but setting challenges such as making a Lego model with only 20 bricks or measuring how many paces a toy car went down a ramp.


Feel free to take photos of any learning at home and email them into school during your child's focus week.

Woodwork in FS2

Today we had a walk down to the post box to post a get well card that one of the children had made.

Discovering the rock pools in Puffin Peter

Christmas Party

Investigating sunflowers!

Meeting the stick insects