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Harthill Primary School

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If music be the food of love, play on.


William Shakespeare

Have a go at clapping some beats - here are a sample of the Music Starters at our school.

To extend your learning, can you bounce a ball to the beat?

KS1 - Rhythm and Beats

Lower KS2 - Rhythm and Beats

Upper KS2 - Rhythm and Beat

Music plays an important part of life at Harthill Primary School. As well as weekly music sessions, we encourage children to take part in community singing events. Each year we perform a range of songs at our local church for events such as Harvest... just ask the children about 'conkers' and they'll break into song.


Music is taught in all classes as part of the Early Years or National Curriculum entitlement.  Our children learn to play instruments including the glockenspiel and percussion. In addition, Music Apps on the iPad are also used for learning songs and notation. They explore how music is put together whilst learning key terms such as tempo, dynamics and pitch. As a school, we use the free Chrome Music Lab for children to explore and compose music. Have a look here: 

We encourage children whom play an instrument with one of our peripatetic teachers (or out of school lessons) to play their instrument as an introduction to our Friday Celebration Assembly. This builds the confidence of our budding musicians, and is a great way for the whole-school to appreciate live music.

If you are a parent volunteer of our school and play an instrument, please get in touch with Mrs. Thompson if you are keen to perform your instrument to our lovely audience.