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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


Music plays an important part of life at Harthill Primary School. As well as weekly music sessions, we have weekly Music Appreciation assemblies, and encourage children to take part in community singing events.


Music is taught in all classes as part of the Early Years or National Curriculum entitlement. It is taught by either the class teacher, or by Mrs. Thompson (music co-ordinator). Our children learn to play instruments including the glockenspiel and percussion. In addition, Music Apps on the iPad are also used for learning songs and notation. They explore how music is put together whilst learning key terms such as tempo, dynamics and instrumentation.

Throughout the year, there will be performances from professional musicians as well as children from Wales High School.  

Recently we held our first ever Harthill Hullabaloo, where children who have peripatetic music sessions (brass, piano or woodwind) or recorder club attendees, performed to an audience of family members. It was a fantastic show and will be repeated!





Harthill Hullabaloo!