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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


At Harthill Primary School we aim to foster lifelong positive attitudes towards physical activity and sport.

PE lessons
In Key Stage One, PE lessons focus on developing transferable skills which the children will be able to use in a range of sports as they mature.
In Key Stage Two, PE lessons tend to focus on developing skills and tactics for a particular sport. We plan our lessons to coincide with family activities at Wales High School to help prepare the children for these events. Using the Sport Premium funding we have paid to be members of the Wales cluster which allows the children to take part in a wealth of competitive sport events which are mostly held at Wales High School.

Enrichment opportunities
ActiveOne sports coaches work in our school for two and a half days a week. They teach games lessons in PE and run a range of lunchtime and after school clubs.
Mrs Wells is a dance specialist who has worked in our school for many years. She works with the children to develop their dance skills and together they create dance routines which are sometimes linked to topic themes.  

Swimming is in the KS2 curriculum and is taught to the Y3 children at Aston pool.

We also offer a range of after school clubs for children in both Key Stages. For more details, please see the after school clubs page.