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Previous week - WOW work

The Wish Granter by Mollie

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Written by Mollie in the previous week of learning. Read and recorded by Mrs Crapper. Well done Mollie!

'The Wish Granter  is sad and grumpy. He worcs  in the filthy smelly sewer his job was  to gant wishes.  A gold coln bounsed  down the well . The wish  Granter sadly  pushed the money button and the wish was granted.


Katie and Jach  were bof  disappointed  with love becos they met the rong  people. They bof wished for forever love in the  dustee well. The coins got stuc. The Wish Granter was scared and surprised. He quickly got his emergency kit. He tried to surprise Katie and Jach with wishes, but Katie genty put it in the bin. Jachs wish quickly bounced off his head and was blown by the restaurant waiter Andrew . None of the wishes got to Katie or Jach but Andrew had lots of shiny money. The emergency box was empty the Wish Granter was blue because there was nothing left. Andrew eagerly gave the Wish Granter a coin. The Wish Granter ran quickly. He happily threw it in to the well. Andrews coin pushed the two other coins away. The Wish Granter was joyful Jack and Katie were surprised when they bumped into each other the wish had come true. '

A great story from a year 2 child! A super idea to share ideas and type it up together :D


Daisy went looking for mini beast habitats in her garden. She found an amazing spider and held it on her arm, very brave!

Daisy completed the task set by Mrs Foxley Johnson this week by creating an emotions poem linked to colour.

Skyla also went hunting for mini beasts and was inspired to carry out her own bee project over the next few weeks.


Luka has been busy keeping up with his addition, punctuation and spelling.



A great piece by Macie based on The Wishgranter.

Macie has worked hard to carry out the expanded noun phrase challenge!