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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


Our school is proud to have gained ‘Advanced Healthy Schools’ status as a result of our pro-active approach to this aspect of our work. The school was re-accredited with this status in July 2013.  Matters concerned with health education, for example hygiene and diet, occur throughout every year and are dealt with naturally at the appropriate level. 

Sex education is seen as very much a part of Health Education and is carried out in our school in accordance with a policy decided by the governors.  The sex and relationships policy is available to parents upon request; in essence the only specific sex education involves teaching the oldest children about the physical, emotional and social changes associated with puberty. Parents are consulted about these lessons, have the opportunity to view the teaching materials to be used, and have the right to withdraw their children. 

PHSE and citizenship is taught through a scheme of work which encompasses discrete lessons, cross-curricular themes and circle time as appropriate.  SEAL (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) lessons take place discreetly but also awareness is raised through other curriculum areas.  Children learn skills which help them to become competent members of the school and wider community.