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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


The children will study a variety of Religious themes and subjects specified in the RE syllabus.  Where possible, links will be made with other curriculum areas e.g. the children may follow through work on Islam by producing Islamic tile patterns using clay or coloured inks.  Drama may be used in portraying Bible stories and Circle Time for further discussions relating to work covered. 


At Harthill Primary we are very conscious of our role as a school of the community and we value our links with the local residents in the village and parish churches.  We aim to encourage our children to be aware of themselves, others and the world around them so that they may be ready to understand the implications of religious thought and language.  Therefore R.E. involves topic work on themes like homes and families and the seasons.  It uses many stories from myths and legends, the Bible and children's fiction.  Festivals are studied and celebrated.  Our children will grow up and live in a society which will be increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.


This situation is not really reflected in our school population of Harthill, and we therefore feel it is vital that some element of preparation should be given to our children.  Accordingly the children are introduced, in an appropriate manner, to elements from other cultures and other religions. We have produced a Community Cohesion Plan to support this aspect of our work.


Each class is involved in an act of collective worship during each school day; there is an assembly most days involving all the school.  Parents have a right to withdraw their children from religious worship and/or religious education at the school; any parent wishing to exercise this right should contact the headteacher.  The teaching of some aspects of RE and PHSE&C are closely linked.