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Reading comprehension answers

  1. Why were Harry’s insides ‘burning with guilt’? Give an example from the text.

1 mark = He felt bad/guilty for the trouble he had caused the Weasleys OR

2 marks = elaboration including an example from the text such as 'He felt bad/guilty for the trouble he had caused the Weasleys especially because they had let him stay over the summer or that Mr Weasley was facing an inquiry/getting in  trouble at work

2. List three things that could be seen in the outdoor area that Harry, Ron and Hermione walk through on their way to Herbology.

1 mark for three of the following 

- vegetable patch 

- greenhouses (with magical plants in) 

- Whomping Willow 

- pupils/teachers waiting for the lesson to begin

3. Professor Sprout and Gilderoy Lockhart have very different appearances. Use the text to explain how they differ.  

You must have used an example from the text as the question states to 'use the text'

2 marks (One for your answer about each teacher)

Gilderoy Lockhart is described in the text as 'immaculate', he is wearing smart clothing 'sweeping robes, a gold trimmed hat and he has neat hair. Professor Sprout, on the other hand,  has a messy appearance with 'flyaway hair', a patched up hat and mud/earth on her clothes. 

4. For what reason did Professor Lockhart believe that Harry arrived at Hogwarts in a flying car?

1 mark = To be famous/ gain publicity. Lockhart thinks that being in the newspaper with him has given Harry a 'taste for publicity'.


5. Why did the author use italics for the words ‘bug, flying cars and I understand’?

1 mark = So the reader places emphasis on them. 

6. ‘He’s an internationally famous wizard’ What does the word internationally mean?

1mark = Among/across  many different nations. (The root word is 'nation' - internationally) 

7. Write a summary of chapter six in 30 words or less.

Max 2 marks. 1 mark for focusing on one area of the chapter, 2 marks for a broader summary.


These will vary. Judge it for yourself and we can check your answer. Did you write in 30 words or less? Did you include the main parts? 

- Ron received a howler

- Herbology lesson (Lockhart turned up and showed an interest in Harry)

- Lockhart's lesson was all about himself