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Fix the sentence

There are five documents included in this activity.  Try to complete three of them (you can choose which ones).  Using your super editing skills please can you improve each of the sentences so that there are no spelling mistakes.  Remember you will also need to check for capital letter, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, colons, semi colons, speech marks, hyphens and apostrophes. 


Mystery Gobblefunk

Roald Dahl invented many hundreds of words to use in his stories.  The words on the sheet below are all words that Roald Dahl invented but never used in his stories so we don't actually know what he intended them to mean. Your task is to decide what the words might mean and write a dictionary definition.  For example when you 'strodel ' you try to yodel while strolling along.  We are looking forward to reading your definitions for words such as 'sleep-squiggler,' 'gumplewink' and 'zoop.'