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Spring Y1 2020

Spring Term 2020


Our new focus text this term is called '10 things I can do help my world' by Melanie Walsh.

You can listen


We will be learning how to write recounts and reports .

To do this, we need to know all about the 3: Rs Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. 

Our planet is in need of our help, and we must all do our part to save it. 

Did you know that if you turn the tap off when you clean your teeth, you will save 18 glasses of clean water!

Over this term we will learn about other things we can do to help our world. 


In Spring 1 our focus text was Arghhh Spider!



Longitudinal Learning


In our afternoon sessions, we will be gaining skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.


Science: Looking at the parts of the plants and what plants need to grow.

History: The Great Fire of London. The bubonic plague. William Shakespeare.

DT:  Food technology

Geography: The UK, specifically England.

PE: Gymnastics and ball skills. Working on collaborative skills for games.