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To start today, please practise your handwriting on your wipe-boards. Today we would like you to focus on forming the letters e and f in cursive. Please see the video below.

Y1 Handwriting e and f

Main English task based on The Messy Magpie

Have a look at the following picture, and discuss with your grown-up what the 3 animals might be thinking/saying.



In your exercise book, under the title 'Messy Magpie Thoughts' and the date 14/1/21, draw three speech/thought bubbles and write a sentence that each of the animals might be feeling. You can choose any 3 of the animals from the picture. If you want to draw the animals too, go for it! 

TOP TIP: Write the sentence before drawing the speech bubble around it so that you know your words will fit.


Tomorrow,  Tommy will be posting a Friday 'Spelling Check' video... watch this space!



Today we are continuing to ‘count on’. 


To start off your Maths learning today, have a look at the powerpoint with your grown up and talk about the questions. Then complete the activity in your purple books. Please just record the answers to the questions- there is no need to print out unless you’d like to.  


We would like to see a photo of your Maths learning daily please so we can plan continued activities and for us to motivate, support or challenge your child further- remember to email in for feedback.


If you would like a challenge after completing your Maths activity; can you find a systematic way of finding all the number bonds to 10 then 20? 

Counting on- Maths starter and activity