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Maths - Factors

Today we will be thinking about factors of a number.  Watch the video clip and listen carefully as factors are explained.  You will see how to find all the factor pairs for a number as well as learning how to solve problems involving factors.  When you are asked to pause the video and complete questions 1 - 4 please do so.  Questions 5 - 9 are more tricky.  Make sure you watch the rest of the video before you attempt these.  You might want to make some notes as you are watching to help you later

Aut5.8.2 - Factors

This is "Aut5.8.2 - Factors"


Using the plan you wrote yesterday, you will write the introduction and point one to Harry's diary recount. 


If you were given feedback to edit your plan, please see the WAGOLL plan below courtesy of Lily H who has planned well in Harry's point of view. 


Warning - my laptop is being fixed so I've done my best to record the lesson on my phone. I'm afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see my little face in the corner of the screen. Hope you don't miss me too much in the meantime. 


1. Watch video lesson.

2. Read Mrs N's completed piece of writing for Intro and P1 (below) 

3. Write your own intro and P1, focusing on including adverbials (including time connectives) and writer's feelings and opinions. 

4. Email your writing in so you can receive feedback. 


Thursday introduction input

Mrs Naylor teaches how to write an introduction, including the use of informal writing and subordinate conjunctions. Please see the word document to see her full intro and point one.



Please go on  and complete Subordinate clauses and Conjunctions (B) 

There are still a couple of you who haven't done Tuesday's SPaG lesson. Please ensure to watch Tuesday's clip first if you are one of these children.