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To start today, please watch Mrs. Thompson's handwriting video, focusing on the letters m and n. Have a go at writing them in your exercise book once you've practised on your wipe-boards. 

Y1 Handwriting m and n


Watch Mrs R's video; why does it matter what one person does? Why does it make a difference what we all do to help protect our world? 


Draw a picture of you standing on Earth in your exercise book; how you would want it to look like (you've thought hard about this all week so this should be an easy one to draw!), say out loud what you want to write (rehearsing a sentence) then have a go at writing it. Remember all the things we talk about in class; we want to see at least 3 sentences underneath your picture.

Mrs Rayner's writing

English activity


Today's learning is about consolidating the learning from the last few days; do you know your fact families for all numbers up to 10 and can you make the connections to 20? 


Have a look at the game on Topmarks (see link below); it is a game which will help your child consolidate their understanding of the last few days work on fact families and using +/-


Then  when you have played the game; grab your wipeboard ask your grown up to give you a number less than 20 and show them you know the fact family! Take a photo of you with it and send it in to show us in school. 


When you've had a go at the quiz on fact families there is a addition investigation we would like you to have a go at! 


You will need two dice to play. Roll the dice and count the total number of spots on both dice or add them together using number facts you already know.


Info for parents; Discuss the highest and lowest possible combinations with your child; this is a chance for them to practise their addition in a game/ investigation which will help them feel more confident adding and talking about numbers. 

Two dice investigation with Mrs R

Maths activity