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SPaG: Use the link below to watch the videos about suffixes. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Prefixes and Suffixes (A)'. Complete this learning activity.

Percentage of an amount (1).Watch the video then complete the Maths learning activities.

Percentage of an amount. Questions 3 and 4 are duplicated. There is, of course, no need to answer these twice.

Reading Comprehension - Archimedes: Read the short extract then answer the 4 questions.

Writing - The big picture for this week is to use figurative language skills and sound devices (learning from last week) to create a song about the year 2020. Remember, the expectation is that your song will have enough lyrics for at least one verse and one chorus (the ultimate aim being two or three verses). Following on from yesterday's lesson, where you created the verses for your song, today's learning activity is to write the chorus for your song about 2020. Watch my video which models how to do this and then write your chorus. Just like I will show in the video, if there is a particular structure to a song that you like, you could take inspiration from this when creating your chorus or use your own ideas. 

Writing your chorus

Still image for this video