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Today we are focusing on the letters u and v. Remember; once we get through all of the alphabet next week, we will start looking at letter patterns. Keep practising daily - we are so pleased with the attempts we have seen emailed in. Keep it up!

Y1 Handwriting - u and v

Thursday's English with Mrs R

When the bear realises that the rabbit has stolen his hat he is angry and he shouts at the rabbit: ‘YOU. YOU STOLE MY HAT’. 


On the next page the rabbit (still wearing the bear’s hat) and the bear are looking at each other – there is no conversation between them.


What do you think they said to each other?


Have a look at the activity sheet and print if you wish OR ask your grown up to draw you 2 speech bubbles in your exercise book.

Today's English activity



   Today you are going to write some number stories using subtraction. We call these subtraction 


   Watch Mrs R’s video and then have a go at writing 3 or 4 of your own. Perhaps you could even 

   add pictures too!


Make sure you show the working out for your subtraction story using one of the methods used already this week.


Mrs R has used a very small number (because she didn’t want Eddie to eat too many bones) but she would really like you to use numbers above 10 even above 20 if you can!

Mrs R and Eddie's subtraction story

Please use bigger numbers than I have; I didn't want Eddie to try and eat too many bones :)