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Today, we are learning about comparing area.  Watch my video and then try the activity below.


I would like to apologise for Reggie's behaviour on the video - I had drawn out all of the activity and didn't want to have to start it again.  I will post a picture to show him after I had finished filming.  Puppies, eh!

Maths - Thursday 28th January 2021

Comparing area


Today, I would like you to practice your zero tolerance spellings.  Please can you practice any you are unsure of from FS2 to Y3 and then all of your Y4 zero tolerance spellings.

I would like you to write these out in your best cursive handwriting.  Ask your adult to take a photo and send them to me.



We are moving onto our new text type; balanced discussions.


As we always do, we are going to start off with deconstructing a text.  My video talks through the features of a discussion text - I am going to be honest, it isn't a balanced discussion.  What is important is that we understanding the features that are included.  Watch my video and then have a go at identifying the features in the discussion text below.


Note down any useful words or phrases that you think might be able to use in your writing.

English - Thursday 28th January 2021

Deconstructing a discussion text