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Today in maths, we are looking at answering multiplication word problems.  Using the skills we have been learning this week answer the questions, in your book, which are on the sheet below.  Make sure you use the most efficient method and show how you have worked your answer out (even if you have done this mentally).  Top tip - underline the key bits of information in the question to help you work out what calculation you need to do.

Maths Activity - Thursday 14th January 2021



Today, I would like you to log onto and complete the Prepositions and Adverbs activity.  I have text your login details to your adults.  If you are unsure what a preposition is, check out the video below.  

I will log on to see how you have all done.




Please watch my video which explains how to complete this activity.


Today, we are learning about synonyms (a word or phrase that means exactly the same thing, or nearly the same thing as another word or phrase) and how to use the most effective ones in our writing.  I find listing them from most effective to least effective helps us understand how to use more powerful words in our writing.


Find synonyms for each of the following words.  You don't need to draw a ladder, just list your synonyms from most effective to least effective.  You can use a dictionary/thesaurus to help you:

  • bright
  • fluffy
  • striped
  • brave
  • injured
  • fierce
  • slow
  • walk




Using vocabulary effectively and finding synonyms to make you writing more interesting.