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Non-chronologocal report part 3


Division Word Problems

Two options for today. Either:


1. If you'd like some more practice with sharing - have another go at the division calculations


2. If you found division easy - have a go at the word problems


Don't do the first 3 questions as these are the ones I have shown in the video. Have a go at the other questions - draw a picture to help and see if you can write the calculation. 


There's no need to print these. Just write the number in your book and do your working out in there. 

SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)


Have a go at the Small Town Superheroes game following the link below. There are lots of short games to practice the different aspects of SPAG we have been learning this year. 


  • Activity 1 - read the text
  • Activity 2 - underline any difficult words and discuss with an adult what they mean
  • Activity 3 - answer the questions