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To start today, we are looking at 'tunnel' letter patterns. Get your wipe-board, pen and rubber and have a go at writing these letters. Please also have a go on the lines in your exercise books.

Y1 Handwriting - tunnel letters


Watch Mrs R’s video from Tuesday or use your photos from yesterday; let’s think about writing instructions to make a sandwich.


What do we need in a set of instructions? Talk with your grown up but here’s a handy list to help;

Verbs (action words)

How to make a… (title)

List of what we need (ingredients)

Diagrams or photos of some of the steps you take to make your sandwich

Numbered points (Numbers which go before the instruction/ step to show the order)


Use your photos to help you start to write your instructions today and finish them tomorrow. Please don't write them all in one day- we would like you to take your time to write detailed, clear instructions. 


Watch Mrs R's video below to help you.

Mrs R models how to write instructions


Today we are going to be learning about tens and ones.


Can you find something to use that could be your ones? Eg. single LEGO bricks?


Then find something that would represent tens. This could be long sticks of LEGO bricks or pencils (you just need to remember these represent 10) We have attached a sheet for you to print if you’d prefer and have access to a printer but it might be more fun to make your own using the suggestions above.


Check out Mrs R's video below...

Mrs R talks Tens and Ones

Activity; Ask your grown up to tell you a number eg. in the picture below it is 57 you will then need to split this number into how many tens it has and how many ones. It has 5 tens (the green sticks) and 7 ones (red small bricks) 


Try with different sizes of numbers; start small and get bigger but don’t go past 99! Take some photos to show us with your objects and the number underneath.


Today we would like you to watch the video on the link below and have a go at the activities then the quiz. 


Info for parents; Throughout this week we are going to build understanding that ten ones (you might’ve called them units when you were at school) can be grouped into one ten.


It is important that children understand how a number is made up of tens and ones, e.g. 34 = 3 tens and 4 ones.

Tens and Ones printable sheet (if you don't have a printer use objects)

Tens and Ones picture example (57 = 5 tens and 7 ones)

Today's Maths challenges: 


We have attached a matching card game which you might want to print off if you can. If not, take a look at the numbers only on the cards and draw the tens and ones.

e.g 9 = # # # # # # # # # = 9 ones

eg 12 = ___________ # # = 1 ten and 2 ones  ( ________ represents 10 and # represents1)


OR take a look at the thinking questions and see what you can do! 

Matching card challenge

Thinking questions challenge