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English - diary part 1


Column addition - crossing tens

2 options today depending on how you've found Maths this week:

  1. Column addition NOT exchanging a ten - this was yesterday's learning so if you need more practice of this (or if you stuck with drawing deines yesterday) have a go at these questions in a column. You can also look back at yesterday's video for help if you need.
  2. Column addition exchanging a ten as shown in today's video. This is a tricky concept so don't worry if this takes a little longer to understand.


Let me know how you get on so I can figure out where to go tomorrow. As much as I totally appreciate remote learning is difficult for parents, it's also difficult for me not being able to see their learning as it happens!

SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Present and past progressive

Watch the video then have a go at turning the present progressive sentence into past progressive. Don't worry about writing all of these down - just pick 3 to write in your book. 


Think carefully about the rules for adding the -ing suffix!

  • Activity 1 - read the text
  • Activity 2 - underline any difficult words and discuss with an adult what they mean
  • Activity 3 - answer the questions