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Please start today by practising your handwriting - we are looking at the final letter pattern. After the half-term break we will be handwriting common words in unjoined cursive.


Y1 Handwriting - 'other' letters


Look at the picture you drew yesterday of the dog in the playground and the all the words including verbs (action words) you wrote around the edge.


Watch Mrs R’s video as she takes the picture and creates a short poem in the style of Allen Ahlberg's ‘Dog on our playground’.

Our class wordbank to help you today

Mrs R models a poem in the style of 'Dog on the playground' by Allan Ahlberg

Start the poem today and write at least 4 verses (like below). Ours does not need to rhyme even though Allen Ahlberg’s does.


Eg. Dog on our playground

What shall we do?


Dog on our playground

He’s running past Mrs Rayner and heading for the door


Dog in classroom

Mrs Waplington screams in surprise


Dog on the carpet

The children all laugh


Have a look at the powerpoint slides with your grown up and talk about the questions. Remember this is a starter- a bit like a warm up- so no need to record the answers unless you want to write them on a wipeboard, take a picture and send it to me! 


Then click on the link and play the caterpillar game; choose 'ordering' and then click on the button to allow a different level of challenge; 1-100 forwards of 100-1 backwards is as far as we'd like them to go at this point! 

Powerpoint slides to start

We would like you all to have a go at today's challenge! Send a pic so we can check it out. 

Today's challenge