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Today in maths, we are continuing to look at addition in fractions.  We are going to be adding 2 or more fractions.  Watch my video and they try the maths sheets (remember to complete the challenge questions).  Thanks

Maths - Thursday 25th February 2021

Add 2 or more fractions



Please continue with reading 'The BFG'.  I would like you to read the following chapter:

  • The Snatch

Now, I would like you to imagine you were Sophie - how would you feel if the giant was staring at you?


Write down some adjectives/noun phrases to describe how Sophie is feeling.


Next, I would like you to continue reading 'The BFG'

  • The Cave

In your exercise books, you need to make notes about the following:

  • What does Sophie think the Giant is going to do to her?
  • Why does she think this?


Finally, I would like you to read the following chapter:

  • The BFG

I would like you now to consider (and write down) how Sophie's feelings towards the BFG have changed.  

Consider - did Sophie make judgements because of the way the BFG looks?  Did she make assumptions about the BFG?


Examples of Learning from English today


Today, please can you complete the SPaG quiz attached below on using apostrophes for possession.  After, please can you log onto and complete the quiz you have been allocated.