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Thursday - Core Curriculum

Maths - Fractions greater than 1

Today we would like you to continue your work on fractions this time looking at fractions which are greater than 1. Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. You should be able to complete most of the questions on the sheet.


On Tuesday we recapped our knowledge about determiners. If you didn't, we would advise you to go back to Tuesday's SPaG before going any further. 


1. Draw a table like the one below

2. Write each determiner under the correct heading

3. Tick your correct answers

4. Rewrite any errors in the correct box with a red pen (or pencil) 


You're going to plan and write a diary entry for either Ron or Hermione over the next few writing lessons. Please watch the lesson below and then complete your plan. 


*Language section - include the notes that you made in yesterday's lesson. E.g. for Hermione, I could write 'I've read about' or 'I suppose it was possible'. 


Special mention to Theo for his great notes and sketch of Ron from yesterday's lesson. It's below as a WAGOLL.

Thursday Writing - Plan your diary recount