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Thursday 14th January - Y5 Maths Lesson

Mrs Booth explains how to use a written method for division including remainders

Please can you all try the worksheet below.  Each answer will include a remainder. 


Please log on to and complete Parenthesis & Commas (A). Mrs Naylor and Mrs Booth will be able to see your scores and decide where to go next with our SPaG learning next week. 



Read chapter seven of Chamber of Secrets and remember to record in your learning log. If you're desperate to keep reading today, feel free to read chapter eight as we will ask you to read this tomorrow anyway. 



Today you will need to write

- Your headline 

- Your first paragraph (introduction) 

- Point one 


Please submit your writing to the class email address as soon as you have finished it. I (Mrs Naylor) will film tomorrow's lesson based on what I think you need the most help with after reading your writing from today. 


Features to include 

- Written in past tense 

- Written in  paragraphs 

- Vary your sentence openers

- Includes key information 

- Formal, journalistic, language (No contractions or slang unless in quotes) 

- Reported speech 

- Direct speech


Please see the example below for ideas. As always, feel free to magpie some sentence openers/phrases but make sure most of what you write is your own. 


*Use the word mats in your pack to support your writing please and make sure you USE  AND FOLLOW YOUR PLAN*