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To start today, please practise forming the letters 'a' and 'b' on your wipe-boards. See the video below so you know where to start your letters. We are now forming our letters as unjoined, cursive.

Y1 Handwriting a_ b_

Activity based on our text- The Messy Magpie


Today, we would like you to open up the Messy Magpie Talk Cards (see document below).

Choose 4 or 5 questions that you would like to 'talk through' together with a grown-up. They are all linked to yesterday's Messy Magpie story.


We would then like you to have a go at answering your chosen 4/5 questions in a full sentence in your exercise book under the title 'The Messy Magpie' and the date '12/1/21'. You don't need to write out the question. 


Remember to:

  • Say your sentence aloud before you write
  • Capital letter
  • Finger spaces
  • Full stop
  • Re-read your sentence



Today's Maths centres around the powerpoint below. Please go through the slides with your child.


Some of the slides start with 'Talking with your grown up'- these are questions to talk about and don't need to be recorded anywhere. 


Some of the slides say 'In your books' and we would appreciate your support in helping your child record this in their purple book. If you could also take a photo and email it in, this will help us to plan for future learning. 


At the end of the powerpoint there are 2 challenge questions to talk about. Please don't feel you need to attempt these if your child has found the earlier slides tricky; these are a challenge only and we are not expecting all of our class to access these. Again, no need for recording. 




Tuesday Maths; recognising and counting