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Reading Comprehension - The women who helped build NASA: Re-read the text on pages 12, 13 and 14 then...

1. Use the language of inference prompts below to discuss and explore the text further. If this could be done alongside an adult or even another pupil in class, it would be highly beneficial.

2. Watch the video below which demonstrates how to explore vocabulary and phrases by reading around the word to deduce the meaning.

Still image for this video

3. Now explore the vocabulary and phrases that you highlighted (or wrote down) yesterday. Use its word class to help: is the word a noun, adjective, verb, adverb, pronoun etc.?

Vocabulary, from the text, that I think would be useful to explore -

  • designated
  • research facility
  • headquarters
  • commemorate
  • conducting
  • promoted
  • undertake

Maths: The video below demonstrates how to calculate the decimal equivalents of fractions. Watch the video then answer the Maths questions.

Still image for this video

Fractions to decimals questions. Please be aware that the second half of page 1 (right hand side) is duplicated on the first half of page 2 (left hand side). Please ignore this and do not answer the same questions (Q3 and Q4 are there twice).

Fractions to decimals answers

SPaG: Use the link below to watch the video about hyphens and dashes. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Hyphens, dashes and bullet points (A)'. Complete this learning activity.