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It is great to see some of you having a go at cursive handwriting in the written work you are sending in. Well done! It can be tricky at first, but try and be resilient, we are learning a new skill here. Once we have written each of the letters in the alphabet, we will then look at handwriting letter patterns. To start today, we will write the letters; q and r. Watch the video:

Y1 Handwriting - q and r

Tuesday's English with Mrs R

Let’s think about the bear in the story; what he looks like and how he is feeling throughout the story.


Draw a large outline in the shape of Bear in your book and discuss with your grown up what the bear looks like- his appearance. Write these words around the outside of Bear.


Then on the inside of the bear note words which show what he might be thinking and feeling. If you wish to use the activity sheet and have access to a printer, please do however there is no real need.


Info for parents; Talk with your child about the range of different emotions Bear experiences throughout the story and if they can spot it in the video too- brilliant! 

 Sadness – ‘I have lost my hat’

 Worry - ‘What if nobody ever finds it?’

 Panic – ‘I have seen my hat!’

 Anger – ‘You stole my hat!’

 Happiness –‘I love my hat!’


Our English activity for the day


   Please use your number line from your resource pack or your number cards to 20 (place them out in     a line from 1-20 to use) like we did yesterday.


Watch the video and then look at the slides  before answering the questions on the activity sheet- remember if you want to print it that’s absolutely fine or write answers into your exercise book clearly so we can have a good look when you photograph it and send it in. 


Info for parents: 

Please stick to numbers below 20 as this is very important at this stage the children are confident using these numbers to count forwards and back with ease. We can then move into different ways of recording subtraction calculations when they have the confidence and ease using number lines, part part whole method and ten frames.

Tuesday's Maths with Mrs R