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Hooray! Today we are forming the last two letters of the alphabet; y and z. If there are any letters you find tricky, please go back through the videos and practise some more. Tomorrow, we will be looking at letter patterns so we will have more opportunity to practise all letters over the next few weeks.

Y1 Handwriting - y and z


Watch Mrs R’s video and then look at the pictures below.

Talk with your grown up about the order in which to make a jam sandwich. (Please don't make the sandwich yet..... that's tomorrow's fun!)


Remember when we follow instructions we need to know what order to do them. This is called SEQUENCING. 


Instructions are often numbered to explain the order in which things need to be done and bossy words used to tell the reader ‘how’ to do something eg. put/ take/ cut/ spread


Use the pictures or Mrs R’s video to see if you can put in order the steps needed to make a jam sandwich (if you don’t have a printer, draw them). As an extra challenge we would like you to write the verbs/ action words too. 

Mrs R makes a jam sandwich 🥪

Sequencing pictures to make a sandwich

Mrs R makes a sandwich in the staffroom


You will need your 100 square again, find the following numbers; 35, 22, 76, 99 and 17


Now find 1 more than 19, 31, 67, 89, 45


Now find 1 less than 23, 67, 80, 19


100 square

Complete the missing number activity to revise your understanding of numbers to 50. If you don’t have a printer- just write the missing numbers in your book.


Have a look at activity sheet 1 and 2- choose ONE of them to have a go at.


Then if you fancy a thinking question or 2 move onto Tuesday challenge.

Activity sheets 1 and 2 (please choose just one of them) AND Tuesday challenge