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Maths - Tuesday 2nd February 2021

What is a fraction?


Today, we are going to be looking at our arguments for and against our balanced discussion title:


Was the Big Bad Wolf really Bad?


Watch my video and then add any ideas into my table.


After, I would like you to watch my video about effective vocabulary.  Then, you need to complete one of the conjunction activities - you choose either * or **.


I have also added in the IPEELL marking sheet for Balanced Discussions so that you can see what I will be looking for in your writing this week.

English - Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Still image for this video
Balanced discussion - think about arguments for and against

English - Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Causal/Contrasting Conjunctions and Adverbials


It's Tuesday, therefore it is new spellings day.  Please write down the definition of each word in your exercise book.  After, using cursive handwriting, write out a sentence for each spelling.