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To start today, we are looking at 'top exit' letter patterns. Practise on your wipe-board first, then try writing this pattern on the lines in your exercise books.

Y1 Handwriting - top exit letters


Watch Mrs R’s video about then have a go at writing your own poem like Michael Rosen’s using all the ideas you had yesterday. 


Use the sheet if you need it to help you structure your poem;  ‘Stand in the …feel the rhythm of… OR hear the rhythm of...’ however after watching Mrs R's video you should be able to get cracking with this straight away! We can't wait to read your poems; we will call our poems; 'The rhythm of our lives'.


Info for parents;  Rhyming words can be discussed but this wouldn’t be vital; it would be much more valuable to check the pattern fits with the Rosen’s poem and rhythm. Two lines; the first being 'Stand in the ...' and the second line being either 'Feel the rhythm of the...' or 'Hear the rhythm of ..' Copy the structure of Mrs R's video.


Mrs R writes a poem in the style of Michael Rosen

English activity sheet


Write the symbols < > = on 3 different pieces of paper/ post its. Then grab your objects (LEGO or sweets work really well) and ask your grown up to put them in 2 piles, have a close look, count if you need to then you add the symbol. Check with your grown up to see if you have used your symbol correctly.


See Mrs R’s video to see if you can guess hers!


Then using the activity powerpoint, read the numbers and add in the symbols. Choose 1 of the 3 pages to have a go at (the 3rd one is the trickiest and today’s challenge). Print if you have one or write the answers in your exercise book. Get your adult to check.

Mrs R models greater than, less than and equals to (a bit like she did on Monday)

Tuesday powerpoint activity (please choose only 1 slide to complete)