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Birds plan


Column Subtraction - exchanging a ten

Two options today depending on how you found Maths yesterday:

  1. Column subtraction NOT exchanging a ten - this was yesterday's learning so if you need more practice of this (or if you stuck with drawing deines yesterday) have a go at these questions in a column. You can also look back at yesterday's video for help if you need.
  2. Column subtraction exchanging a ten as shown in today's video. This is a tricky concept so don't worry if this takes a little longer to understand. If you'd like to do these questions drawing the deines next to the column as well, this is a very useful step. 
SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Present and past progressive

Choose 3 of the pictures above and write sentences about them using the past progressive.



  • past progressive = was/were + -ing
  • present progressive = is/am/are + ing
  • Activity 1 - read the text
  • Activity 2 - underline any difficult words and discuss with an adult what they mean
  • Activity 3 - answer the questions