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We are continuing with our fractions work this week.  Our lesson today, is to learn how to count in fractions.

Please watch my video and then have a go at the questions below.  If you are confident with this activity, have a go at the challenge questions.

Maths - Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Counting in fractions


Today, we are going to continue to learn about Roald Dahl.  We are going to be using our summarising and questioning skills.  Think back to the text you read yesterday and complete the following activities:



In no more than 50, I would like you to write down a summary of what your reading comprehension is about.  Here are some useful sentence openers:

This is mainly about...

The summary of...



After reading the text, here are a few questions I would like you to answer:

  • Who inspired Roald Dahl to start writing?
  • Where was Roald Dahl born?
  • What incidents inspired some of Roald Dahl's characters in his books?


Finally, I would like you to draw three pictures that represent what you have read about in this reading comprehension.



As it is Tuesday, it is new spellings day.


Please can you look up a definition for each word and write it into your exercise book.  Then, please can you write a sentence for each of your spellings to show that you understand what each word means.


Your spellings this week are words which have the 'k' sound spelt as ch.