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Please start today with the daily handwriting activity as seen in the video below: 

2 ARE WERE WAS Handwriting.mp4

Still image for this video



Watch Mrs R read our new class text ‘Aaarrgghh Spider’ by Lydia Monks.


Talk your grown up about your initial responses to this story; What did you like about it? What didn’t you like? What did you think about the ending?


Mrs R reads our new class text 'Aaaarrgghh Spider' by Lydia Monks

In your exercise book we would like you to think about what your world would really look like to a spider?


Draw ‘the spider’s eye view’ of a room in your house and all the family in it.


Can you add speech bubbles to show what all the family would say if they saw the spider?

Mrs R's video- When the Rayners met the spider 🕷

Mrs R's finished cartoon



Have a look at the powerpoint with your grown up and talk about the challenges on the slides.


Complete the challenges on the powerpoint slides.


Then have a go at today’s challenge. Print if you can but if not- record in your exercise book.

Today's Maths powerpoint activity and challenge